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Emily is a London based designer who graduated in 2009 from the University for the Creative Arts (Rochester). Since graduating she has spent 8 months travelling the world and gained inspiration from countries far and wide. As a person she is fascinated with food and this gives her the inspiration for most of her work with the overall aim to design pieces that will improve people’s overall experience of eating. Be it a talking point of the table, an object that physically brings people together or simply a piece that makes food look more appealing. There seems to be a disappearing element of social contact at the dinner table and she wishes to help revive this. Emily mainly works with semi porcelain and plaster, ensuring that all element of her work are completely handmade, this is also true for her glazes. She has recently started an internship with recognised glass and ceramic designer Shan Valla and additionally works for a web developing company in Clerkenwell London.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

My first exhibition - 'New Designers 2009'

After attending New Designers for many years it felt amazing to finally be an exhibitor rather than a visitor. The atmosphere was overwhelming with so many people and so much talent! I had a great experience and also made some valueable contacts and friends. I would like to thank everybody who showed and interest in my pieces an also for all the nice compliments and feedback. Getting to this point has been very hard but this exhibition left me very optimistic about the future. Design world..here i come.

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  1. Well done Em! I still want some of those bowls!